007 – Patrick Carrie of Limbeck and Volcom (Part 1)

Patrick Carrie

Patrick Carrie is the man responsible for the slinky guitar leads in the indie/alt-country band Limbeck. Since Limbeck stopped touring in 2008, he has worked for Volcom, a surf and skate brand, first as a graphic designer, and more recently as global art director. Patrick hasn’t given up music entirely, however. He has played part-time in the bands The Pride of Erie PA with former Motion City Soundtrack drummer Tony Thaxton and The Young Dudes with former Limbeck singer Robb Maclean. Somehow, he has also managed to find time to be a father to three boys and appear in an online Swiffer commercial (linked below).

In Part One of my two-part interview with him, I talk to Patrick about the highs and lows of playing in a touring rock band, from ernest beginnings when everything seemed to be going right to the time when he finally realized that it was time to hang it up. We also talk about recording an album in Minneapolis with Gary Louris of The Jayhawks, saving a catfish from a dumpster in downtown St. Paul (seriously!), and how much money a guy in band like Limbeck made per year in 2007 (hint: not much).

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