006 – David Sparks of Sparks Law and macsparky.com

David Sparks

If you consider yourself to be a part of the Apple community, you’ve probably heard of David Sparks through his work on the Relay.fm podcast Mac Power Users with Katie Floyd. Since 2009 and over the course of more than 300 episodes, David and Katie have shared tips on getting the most out of Apple technology. David also writes regularly on his site macsparky.com.

Talking and writing about Apple technology isn’t David’s day job. For over twenty years, he has been a practicing attorney. In 2015, after two decades with the same law firm, he decided to “go indie,” as we often say in the tech community, and he created his own one-man firm called Sparks Law.

In this episode, David and I talk about how you know when it’s time to finally go out on your own (hint: waking up every day saying to yourself, “Today is going to be the day I quit my job,” is one indicator), the importance of having a supportive spouse or partner, and the myriad benefits of working from home. We also grapple with the question of whether or not a new venture should get your entire focus.

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