009 – Don Melton of Apple, Eazel, and Netscape

Don Melton

Don Melton is “internet famous” for a few things: probably most so for his time at Apple, during which he led the team that would create the Safari web browser — perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Since retiring from Apple in 2012 as director, internet technologies, Don has stayed busy, working obsessively on an open source set of scripts for transcoding video and appearing on various podcasts, most notably Guy English and Rene Ritchie’s show Debug — which I can’t recommend enough for anyone who is a programmer or who has even a passing interest in programming. Don also hosts his own podcast for iMore every so often with Rene Ritchie called . . . Melton.

Listen as I talk to Don about learning to code, moving into management, his time at Apple, and, ultimately, his decision to retire. We also chat about open source software, the things he does with all his free time, and, of course, wine.

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