004 – Shawn Blanc of shawnblanc.net and The Focus Course

About Shawn Blanc

Shawn Blanc is a guy who makes stuff on the internet. He got started writing for his site, shawnblanc.net, which he took full-time in 2011 by offering paid memberships to readers. Since then, he has started two other sites, Tools & Toys and The Sweet Setup, that are devoted to cool stuff and great software, respectively. Somehow, Shawn has also found time to create a combined eBook/interview/video product called Delight is in the Details, a guide to “making good things great.”  Most recently, he created The Focus Course, which “aims to help people find focus to do their best work in the age of distraction.”

Listen as we talk about finding the courage to quit your day job, focusing on what’s important, staying productive without a boss looking over your shoulder, and the shame of leaving Colorado with bleached blond hair.

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